Support for Homa Hills


The name of the project ‘Support for Homa Hills’ (SfHH) comes from the Homa Hills. The Homa Hills are striking hills on a peninsula in a bay of Lake Victoria in western Kenya. From 2002 to 2015 SfHH was active as a foundation in the area of the Homa Hills. ‘The children left behind’ has taken over this foundation in 2015.  Some of the activities of SfHH are now a project of ‘the children left behind’ foundation. This project is still known as ‘Support for Homa Hills’.

The main objective of ‘the children left behind’ is to improve education in nursery and primary schools around the area of the Kisumu through fundraising in the Netherlands. Together with the local community, ‘the children left behind’ makes plans to repair and construct schools and to improve the level of education. After creating the plans, the foundation makes sure that the money from the fundraising is spend locally and used optimally. ‘the children left behind’ buys materials for the schools from locals and uses the expertise from the local community to make sure that the fundraising doesn’t only accommodate the schools, but also supports the locals. The execution of this process however, is controlled by local partners.

Improving education is the primary objective, however, with the arrival of other volunteers and the needs from the local community, other types of projects also have been set up. The main objectives of these projects is to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people in the region.

It is also getting more and more important to create awareness and to educate people about HIV and AIDS. Furthermore, the direct victims of this disease should get assistance. This is important, because there are many AIDS orphans. Next, people who are facing this disease and who are in the last phase of their life need help.

From now on the Support for Homa Hills (SfHH) has stopped completely and has turned into ‘the children left behind’. The profits of the fundraising will therefore go to ‘the children left behind’, which will use these profits to help improve the educational system in Kenya and help families in need.