Important announcement

Modification foundation

The promoters of the foundation Support for Homa Hills (SfHH) have decided to slow down their activities in Homa Hills Kenya. Eventually, they want to stop all their activities in Homa Hills.

After consultation with the board of SfHH it has been decided that ‘The Children Left Behind’ project will take over ‘Support for Homa Hills’ foundation. From the start of 2015 the foundation will therefore be known as ‘the children left behind’, instead of SfHH. To make a distinction between the project ‘The Children Left Behind’ and the foundation, it has been decided that the name of the foundation will be written in lower case letters. So the foundation is named ‘the children left behind’. The SfHH activities in Kenya have been transferred to the new foundation as ‘the children left behind’ projects.

In the summer of 2015, all of these changes have been implemented and become effective. Our organization is now known as the newly established foundation the children left behind with appropriate statutes and a partly new board.

What this means for you, when you are involved with our organization:

  • Name change: foundation Support for Homa Hills (SfHH) has been changed to foundation "the children left behind."
  • The account remains the same: NL35 INGB 0009 3067 34. Please mention the name of the children left behind when transferring money and please specify the project for which you are making the transfer.
  • The correspondence address is Westhove 47, 2134VP, Hoofddorp in the Netherlands.
  • The websites of Support for Homa Hills and ‘the children left behind’ will be modified. On this adapted sites you will also find the names of the board members, news about activities in the Netherlands, progress of the projects in Kenya and loads more information.

    If you have any questions and/or comments, please send an email to