Board the children left behind

Marjolijn van Arkel-Dalm

Ineke Dalm-van Stam
Secretary/Treasurer + coördinator Shika-Tamaa

Joyce Draijer

Geertje Scharp


Volunteers the children left behind

Jan Dalm

Coördinator (tclb)

Sander van Arkel

Chris Honcoop

Anja Honcoop-Dalm

Frits Roukens

Lidy Roukens-Spruijt

Post address

Hyacint 109

2215CT - Voorhout


KvK nr. 27249422

RSIN nr. 8121.21.958

Objective foundation

The foundation's objective: to provide assistance to the community of Central Kolwa, Kisumu, Kenya with education, health and the environment, this means:

  • improve the educational conditions through the construction and maintenance of a primary school. This school also serves as a regional center of expertise in education for surrounding schools.
  • to provide the school with the necessary furniture, teaching materials, water tanks and latrines
  • helping teachers to improve teaching methods by providing training and workshops
  • encouraging parents and communities to enable children to attend school
  • set up food programs in schools
  • supporting projects for youth focusing on education about awareness and the danger of HIV and AIDS
  • supporting projects for the youth focusing on improving the environment
  • supporting projects for the youth to encourage them to help the vulnerable members of the community
  • the stimulation of the community of Central Kolwa in order to achieve the goals as describe above in such a way that they can do themselves, without the assistance of the foundation
  • encouraging volunteers in the Netherlands to achieve the goals as described above on the spot in Central Kolwa
  • reducing the project "Support for Homa Hills" in the currently running activities in Homa Hills, Western Kenya (Rachuonyo District) in the coming years; the main objective of the project Support for Homa Hills is to give young people in this area a better future

The foundation tries to achieve its objectives by:

  • the financial support of the above objective
  • providing information and giving information about the progress of the projects to donors and funders
  • maintaining contacts with organizations that have links with the objectives of the foundation
  • giving the implementation of the activities to the foundation YSDAK (Sports and Youth Develop Alliance of Kenya)

5 year plan 2021-2025

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