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Shika Tamaa

Since 2003, primary education in Kenya has been free. This made it much easier for parents to send their children to school, so from this time forward more than 2 million additional children have gone to school. However, this resulted in a higher amount of children per class. Nowadays a class size of 80 children is no exception. Yet, there are still children who do not attend school at all. Access to primary education is free of charge, but the participation in education is not free of money. The children need teaching aids like notebooks and pencils, supplies which are not provided at school. Sometimes schools even ask their children to bring their own desk and chair …

Give them hope!

You can do this by supporting our adoption project. For only € 5,- a month you pay a part of the tuition for the primary education and € 10,- for the secondary education. Your adoptive child will also get the required school uniform.
With your donation you give the child hope for the future, and you also support the people who take these children into their family. There are many grandfathers and grandmothers, aunts and uncles and other relatives who provide these children with a home. Most of the time however, these families have very little money. Usually, the money is (understandably) spent on the basic needs like food. Education and school uniforms come last, especially if the child is not their own.
Life will be less stressful for these caregivers if they are supported by people like you. Also, your contribution will help create a better future for the school and its teachers. If the tuition is paid, the school can purchase materials such as notebooks and pencils. The teachers can perform better this way, and they will feel more valued.

What can you expect of our organization:

  • Your sponsorship money will be spend on your child for a 100%
  • A child will be able to go to school
  • News about child or school by Facebook and/or site

What we expect from you as a sponsor and what you can do:

  • Monthly contribution of € 5, - for the nursery or primary school
  • You can send letters / drawings to your sponsor child

At some point your adoptive child will leave primary school. You then have the choice to keep your adoptive child and to support him or her during secondary school. However, the fees will then rise to about € 10,- a month. Sometimes it will be decided that a child, because of the situation at home, has to be placed at a boarding school. The tuition for a boarding school is even higher. Since Kenya's tuition for secondary school is much higher than that of the primary school, we will give you the choice to sponsor another child at the primary school. However, this will mean that your initial adoptive child will probably not go to secondary school.

Want to join us..? Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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